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About the Office

While creating MH LEGAL lawyer’s office, the aim was to combine modern technology with the position of a lawyer (legal advisor). It’s about using the technical possibilities such as Internet and informatics systems for improving communication between the proxy and the client, as well as making usage of such legal means as electronic proceedings by writ of payment and mass debt collection, which the provisions and EPU system allow in practice. In effect this allows the client to supervise the state of case managed by MH LEGAL
in any stage. The assumption for the office’s work is, what seldom happens in reality, that the client can have full knowledge of the state of the case and litigation actions undertaken by the parties and the court in each stage of the proceedings, and also have the possibility to make remarks and postulates, without the necessity to visit the office or call it. To this goal, in MH LEGAL a special informatics system was established to allow the realization of the above assumptions.

About Me

Mateusz Hańderek

My name is Matthew Hańderek, I am a legal advisor (in Poland legal advisors are essentially the same as attorneys in their competences, but in Poland both legal advisors and attorneys exist as legal professions). I’ve graduated in 2010 from the Law and Administration Department of the Silesian University in Katowice, after my master’s thesis entitled “Personal data protection in administrative law”. Then, in years 2011-2013 I’ve took part in a demanding training within the framework of legal advisor apprenticeship in the District Legal Advisors Chamber in Katowice. Finally, in 2014 I’ve passed with honours the legal advisor exam and obtained entry onto the legal advisors list. Since 2008 I’m collaborating with one of renowned lawyer offices in Katowice. Main scopes of my professional specialization are:

  • civil law and proceedings (including traffic communication claims);
  • administrative law and proceedings (also proceedings before administrative courts);
  • insolvency law;
  • geological and mining law;
  • commerce law, registry proceedings, forming, mergers and transformations of trade companies;
  • energy law (transmission easement);
  • electronic proceedings by writ of payment (mass debt collection);
  • real estate law and construction law (investment processes);
  • public procurement law;
  • medical law (including in particular pharmaceutical law).

MH LEGAL, while handling cases, cooperates with other lawyers’ offices specializing in different fields of law, so as to, regardless of the type of case, ensure advice of a lawyer who specializes in the field, to which the case belongs (more in the Team bookmark). MH LEGAL conducts services both for entrepreneurs and individual clients (more in the Offer bookmark).


MH LEGAL offers services both to persons who don’t conduct economic activity and comprehensive services to entrepreneurs.
Services are provided in Polish and English languages.

Entrepreneurs Individual clients

Cooperation Forms

Legal services are provided for the clients based on agreement. Types of agreements concluded with the MH LEGAL office are:

  • etainer agreements (constant legal services);
  • specific service agreements (preparing a legal opinion, representation before given court, drafting an agreement, etc.);
  • Amount of remuneration in each case depends on complexity of the case and the necessary amount of work. Each case is individually appraised, and the client is informed of the remuneration amount before services commence;
  • In case of some cases it is possible to set a success fee, i.e. additional remuneration dependant on the result of the case.

Three forms of financial settlements are preferred:

  • hourly fees - used in cases when substantial concept engagement of the firm is necessary. In such cases the merit of the task is to establish and realize the goal set by the client. The client, at the end of the settlement period, receives a detailed work schedule and remuneration amount based on it;
  • lump-sum fee - used when a detailed range of service and expected workload is hard to foresee, and the assessment of commercial effect is not possible. The lump-sum fee is based on the range of expected legal service and the estimated workload. The fee is set and the work time contributed by the firm's employees has no impact on it.
  • mixed fee (lump-sum/hourly or lump-sum/hourly/success fee) - based on the range of legal service provided and workload. The amount is set based on a specific amount of work hours, and every hour after that is charged according to a set fee.

In case of any doubts, I will gladly provide You with specific information on forms of cooperation with MH LEGAL.


MASTER LEGAL Hańderek and Partners Legal Advisors Professional Partnership ul. Bielska 49, IVth and Vth story 43 - 190 Mikołów tel.: +48 696-086-384 e-mail:

Main office of MH LEGAL, where I receive my clients (after prior arrangement of the meeting via e-mail or phone), is currently at ul. Bielska 49 in Mikołów (see: map below). There is a large number of parking spaces nearby, situated in the area of free parking. If required, I also receive clients at Katowice.