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Individual clients

Below the offer of services proposed to individual clients are provided.

  • Compensation claims
  • Inheritance cases
  • Family cases
  • Employment cases
  • Cases against transmission entrepreneurs
  • Property cases

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Handling cases regarding representation of clients in matters of damage compensation payments, as well as compensation on account of traffic accidents, faults of purchased vehicles (including guarantee claims), medical errors, random accidents or work related accidents. Representation of clients in proceedings before institutions and offices, both in their pre-litigation and litigation stages, and also in negotiations.
Handling cases of inheritance division, right to legitime, renouncement, as well as deeming an heir as not eligible to inherit.
Advice in scope of correctness of already made mortis causa declarations (wills/ specific bequests), as well as preparing drafts of such declarations.
Providing legal assistance in scope of matters such as divorce, alimony and division of conjoint estate. Representation of clients in this scope in all stages of the case, i.e. in negotiations and the court phase.
Advice on conclusion, amendment and termination of contracts of employment. Handling cases of employee’s for job position reinstatement or compensation, as well as cases for establishment of existence of an employment relationship and payment of due remuneration.
Representation of employee’s in proceedings before labour court in the abovementioned scope.
Handling cases in the scope of any claims towards transmission entrepreneurs, i.e. regarding transmission of energy, gas, water, etc. and transmission devices. Representation of clients in cases for establishment of transmission easement and remuneration for non-contractual usage of their properties.
Advice in matters connected with rights in property, such as transactions of real estate purchase and preliminary/conditional purchase agreements. Legal services in matters of payment, e.g. repayment of loan or payment of sale price.